Where do mink research facilities get their animals?

The USDA requires that any registered research facility source their animals from a licensed dealer. This raises the question: where are the remaining mink research facilities obtaining their mink?

There are only five entries recognized as fur farms on the list of licensed (Class A or Class B) dealers:

Kokas Fur Barn, 3153 Prospect-Upper Sandusky, Prospect OH (unknown if this is still an active fur farm)

Ruby Fur Farm: 2564 200th Street, New Sharon IA

Fraser Fur Farm: 33327 Terrace Lake Road, Ronan MT

Circle K Farm: 32996 Fox Ave, Sioux City IA

Schultz Fur Farm: 13392 29 St N W, Arnegard ND

However, of these locations, only one – Circle K Farm in Iowa – is known to hold mink.

This leaves the question wide open. Anyone with more information, please send a report to whistleblower [at] coalitionagainstfurfarms.com