Utah State University Mink Research?

This one-time “hub” of Aleutian disease research may no longer experiment on mink.

As recently as 2004, USDA records indicate Utah State had 200 mink, presumably the research subjects of fur industry researcher LeGrande Ellis, who was (is?) studying a threat to fur farmers only eclipsed by animal rights activists: Aleutian disease.  Recent USDA reports do not list mink as among the animals killed at the school.

Here’s a quote about the work that was being done at USU:

“A vaccine is being developed against the disease by Utah State University that promises to eliminate these losses, which could save Utah mink producers $2.4 million.”

(USDA, 2003)

The small amount of information available on mink at U.S.U. specified that they were held at the “North Logan Farms” research station, a satellite research facility located about a mile north of the main campus.

If you have any solid information on whether fur industry research is still happening at Utah State University, please submit to Coalition Against Fur Farms.