Utah Fur Breeder’s Cooperative Once Owned California Plant

One of the largest (if not the largest) mink feed supplier in the country, the Fur Breeder’s Agricultural Co-op, once had its own fish processing facility in California, CAFF has learned.

The facility was once located on the water in Fields Landing, California, near Eureka. Specifically, “at the foot of “C” Street”. This is according to this document.

However there is strong evidence the plant is now closed, and has been since 2001. Read the following quote from this document:

In October 2001, the Regional Water Board received a letter from Eureka
Fisheries, Inc., indicating that all operations at the Fields Landing facility had ceased… Fur Breeders Agricultural Cooperative requested that the WDRs not be rescinded due to the possibility of finding a new tenant for the property.
No tenant has been found. The facility has been idle since Eureka Fisheries
ceased operations.

This would indicate strongly that this plant is no longer in operation. However, the FBAC still holds a tidelands lease on the property. In 2004, the assigned the lease to Humboldt Bay Forest Products.

Any new information is appreciated.