United Vaccines sourcing primate blood for mink experiments

Coalition Against Fur Farms has received information indicating that United Vaccines, the last remaining vaccine supplier for US fur farms, is purchasing primate blood from leading vivisection supplier Lampire Biological Laboratories.

The precise purpose of the primate blood was not explained in the tip received by CAFF. However, this bit of information further establishes the interconnectedness of animal exploitation industries, and the endless links between vivisection, fur, “animal agriculture”, and more.

Coalition Against Fur Farms considers the fur industry to be no worse (or better) than vivisection. With that said, it’s worth noting that even those involved in primate vivisection consider the fur industry to be so abhorrent that it is worth (anonymously) leaking information on.

United Vaccines currently operates a research facility in Fitchburg, Wisconsin; and a “naive mink” facility in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin.