Our Mission

Our goal: broadcasting up-to-date data on every facet of the US fur farming industry – farm addresses, suppliers, fur farm closures, key players, and more.

From 1990 to today

The original Coalition Against Fur Farms (CAFF) was founded in 1990 at the US fur industry’s lowest point. The group launched to finish it off through the dissemination of damning footage inside fur farms and releasing leaked documents detailing the inner-workings of the US fur industry.

In 2012, Coalition Against Fur Farms has relaunched by all new volunteers to pick up where the past incarnation of CAFF left off, making public the inner-workings of the US fur industry through the broadcasting of addresses of fur farms and internal documents on fur farming.

Mapping the fur industry

This site will function as a clearinghouse for all fur industry-related intel, with an emphasis on farms and the suppliers that support them. Through the posting of sensitive data, we will build a comprehensive atlas of every tentacle in the fur industry.

Identifying weak links

CAFF volunteers are studying every available fur industry data source to identify weak links in the industry, allowing for more efficient  anti-fur campaigns. Our latest findings are posted on the “Weak Links” page.

Tracking changes

CAFF will also function to track all known changes in the fur farming industry, from changes in farm ownership to farm closures and more. We also intend to track all updates and changes on the most up to date source for fur farm addresses: www.finalnail.com.

Attention whistleblowers

Please contact us if you have any new information in any of the following areas:

Unpublished fur farm addresses (mink, fox, lynx, bobcat, etc)

Fur farm closures

New fur farms

Fur farm feed suppliers

Internal fur industry documents

Fur farm trade publications

Photos inside fur farms

….or any unpublished info on fur farming in the US.

If you have info on any of the areas, please email: whistleblower [at] coalitionagainstfurfarms.com


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