Report of possible undiscovered mink farm in Oregon

Recently, a leaked document from the Fur Commission USA hinted that there may be an undiscovered mink farm in Sublimity, Oregon.

This “security alert” (posted below) covers a suspicious vehicle seen near a mink farm “outside Sublimity.” The only known fur farm near Sublimity is believed to be a fox farm. Leaving two possibilities:

  • The known fur farm (Gardner fur farm) has been mis-reported as a fox farm, and is in fact a mink farm.
  • Or, there is a second, as-yet undiscovered fur farm near Sublimity.

As always, please send any reports on this or other undiscovered fur farms to whistleblower [at]

“Fur Commission USA
Security Alert – Oregon
August 7, 2013

Tuesday afternoon two vehicles were seen scouting a mink farm outside Sublimity Oregon. One vehicle was a [vehicle description redacted] with [redacted] license plates [plate # redacted]. The second vehicle was a [description redacted]. The two vehicles were parked together down the road from the farm, then moved to the farm driveway. After about 5 minutes, the suspects were approached, and fled.

In light of the recent mink farm attack in Idaho, any suspicious behavior near your farm needs to be reported to police and Fur Commission USA. If either of these vehicles is spotted near your farm, make it clear to the occupants that you are aware of their presence, and call FCUSA.

Distributed by,
Michael Whelan
Fur Commission USA