Read Employee Newsletter from Fur Farm Supplier United Vaccines

We were very excited to obtain a copy of the the United Vaccines employees-only newsletter. However, we found the newsletter, titled “United InFURmation”, to be incredibly disappointing and banal.

The newsletter includes:

*Fourth of July safety tips.

*Word puzzles.

*How to properly shop for a fur coat.

…and more similarly uninspired filler. Still, it is a rare piece of documentation from inside a very important company, and we hope you are able to extract something of value from it (we failed to).

Read a PDF of the United Vaccines newsletter here.United Vaccines Newsletter

This is the United Vaccines mission statement, from the newsletter:

“It takes quality people to manufacture a quality product. At United Vaccines, Inc., it is our mission to incorporate quality into eve
rything we do; from superior staffing to excellence in manufacturing and testing, it is the extra steps that we take that ensure that
every dose of vaccine shipped out of our plant is the best in the world.”