Possible bobcat and fox farms in Arkansas

The following addresses were obtained from public records, indicating severalĀ  farms (or other type of operation) that imprison foxes, wolves, and bobcats in Arkansas.


Coalition Against Fur Farms has obtained hundreds of similar addresses from numerous states, each of which may be fur farms, which will be posted in the coming weeks. We will offer the same disclaimer each time:

  • These addresses are uninvestigated.
  • They house animals commonly used for fur, however an investigation is needed to determine the exact purpose of these operations.
  • There are numerous other reasons furbearing animals can be held captive, including being bred for pets, roadside zoos, urine-collection operations for trapping lures, or penning operations to train hunting dogs.
  • Some of these may be facilities which are helping animals. For example, wildlife rehabilitators and sanctuaries can often be required to have the same licenses as fur farms.

Please do your research, and share anything learned with Coalition Against Fur Farms.

This list only includes names and towns. No addresses were provided.

Lynn Culver
Mena AR
Eurasian Lynx
“Geoffroy’s cat”

Wayne Sluder
Roland AR

Tanya Smith
Eureka Springs AR

Thomas Young
Mena AR

Larry Head
Little Rock AR
Gray wolf

Susan LaCoe
Mountain Home AR
Grey black timber wolf

Brian Harness
Harrison AR
Silver fox