North Dakota fur farm moves to Montana

North Dakota fur farm moves to Montana

The Shultz wildcat farm relocates after oil drilling noise forces move.

One of the only known bobcat fur farms in the state has applied to relocate west, in central Montana.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Park is taking comments on the 150-foot-by-140-foot animal facility, proposed by owner Larry Schultz, where bobcats would be housed in separate pens.

According to the permit application, the location of the farm (if approved) will be:

5700 Romunstad Rd

Roy, Montana 59471

The proposed fur farm is located SW of Roy, south of Highway 191.

A few notes on the fur farm, from the permit application:

  • The bobcat pens are 4 feet by 6 feet, with 2 foot by 4 foot nesting boxes, and kept 30 inches off the ground.
  • The cages are constructed of poly-coated 10-guage mesh wire.
  • The animal pens are 1/8 mile from the house.
  • There will be a separate barn that is used for weaning bobcat kitten.
  • A second barn will be used for food preparation and storage.
  • An 8 foot tall chain link fence covers the facility’s north and south sides.

This farm was reported by the state of North Dakota in 2010 to house lynx. No mention of lynx is made on the Montana permit application. Either the facts were misreported by North Dakota (bobcats are often confused for lynx), the farm has stopped breeding lynx, or this detail was omitted from the application.

The full application is below.

Schultz Fur Farm application