New Mink Farm Under Construction in Ohio?

Coalition Against Fur Farms has received word that a new mink farm is being constructed near the Indiana border in Ohio. Our tipster stated the address for this upcoming farm is:

2707 Hoaglin Rd
Van wert, Ohio. 45891

The farm is said to be owned by a mink farmer from Holland, who owns several other farms. The word is he is paying a local farmer to set up and operate this farm.

A quick Google search for the address shows that it belongs to “Lion Farms”, also the owner of this nearby mink farm in Nottingham, Indiana. A corresponding satellite image search does not reveal any obvious mink sheds at the Ohio address. This raises two possibilities:

  1. The operations are one and the same, with the Ohio address being a business address, and the animals held at the Indiana address (9555 S 250 E, Nottingham, Indiana).
  2. These are two separate farms owned by Lion Farms LLC, with the Ohio address still being under construction (as indicated by our tipster).

Send any info to whistleblower [at] coalitionagainstfurfarms [dot] com.