New Anonymous Report on Illinois Fur Farms

Coalition Against Fur Farms has received the following report about two Illinois mink farms:

“Recently I did some research on a couple of fur farms in Illinois, strictly for above ground demonstration purposes, that I’d like to share. The Marengo mink ranch sheds in Elgin, Illinois, on Plato road…. seem to have extended the sheds closer to the road than what the google earth images display. Now, when you drive by, you can see the sheds to the left and right of the owner’s home, as well as in back. You can also hear the mink squeaking loudly at all odd hours of the night. There is a school on the right hand side of the mink ranch, about an 1/8 of a mile away. The parking lot of the school is filled with dozens of buses…  Plato road in Elgin with the large mink ranch… is completely peaceful and quiet, save for the thousands of voices from squeaking mink.

A less then ten minute drive from the Elgin mink ranch on Plato road, is the pig/mink farm on Walker road, in Hampshire Illinois. You don’t even need an address to know where it is on Walker, because the distinctive smell of pig shit will let you know where it is. Many children live on this property in what appears to be a compound in a large house. They like to play soccer in the front yard. It is difficult to get a look at what’s at the back of the property without using google earth.

I hope this information is helpful for people interested in legal demonstrations and protesting. Feel free to distribute it however you wish.

– anonymous”