New addresses: Dozens of possible fox and coyote farms in Indiana

The following addresses were obtained from public records, indicating dozens of farms (or other type of operations) that imprison foxes and coyotes in Indiana. It is unclear which if any of these farms raises these animals for fur.


Coalition Against Fur Farms has obtained hundreds of similar addresses from numerous states, each of which may be fur farms, which will be posted in the coming weeks. We will offer the same disclaimer each time:

  • These addresses are uninvestigated.
  • They house animals commonly used for fur, however an investigation is needed to determine the exact purpose of these operations.
  • There are numerous other reasons furbearing animals can be held captive, including being bred for pets, roadside zoos, urine-collection operations for trapping lures, or penning operations to train hunting dogs.
  • Some of these may be facilities which are helping animals. For example, wildlife rehabilitators and sanctuaries can often be required to have the same licenses as fur farms.

Please do your research, and share anything learned with Coalition Against Fur Farms.

The following are listed with the state of Indiana as “licensed game breeders as of Oct 2012.”

Mary Wilferling
4803 East 900 North
Decatur IN
Red fox, raccoon

James Mahoney
5851 W Ohio Ridge Rd
Columbus IN
Red fox, raccoon

Tony Callloway
7454 W 325 N
Royal Center IN

Timothy Stark
3320 Jack Teeple Road
Charlestown IN
Red fox

Chittick Wool, Ginseng & Fur
Jerry Chittick
251 West Main St
Rossville IN
“Red fox (silver)”

Tiny Tracks / American Outdoor Life
Dave Long
4354 CR 60
Auburn IN
Gray fox, red fox, raccoon, skunk

Jennifer Spicher
7505 East 350 South
Akron IN
Red fox, deer

Mary Williams
4830 Trail’s End Road
Rochester IN
Raccoon, red fox

Zachary Fulk
2454 West 275 South
Bloomfield IN
Deer, coyote

Chris Eden
304 3rd St.
Sheridan IN
Red fox

Dianne Evans
5059 E 211th Street
Noblesville IN
Deer, coyote

Kathleen Wendt
4499 North 400 East
Greenfield IN
coyote, red fox, opossum

David Blish
1892 E SR 250
Brownstown IN
Red fox

Mark Alan Bender
11453 North 725 West
Nappanee IN
Red fox

Debra K Clark
2480 West 950 South
Silver Lake IN
Gray fox, red fox, raccoon, skunk

Seven’s Heaven Wildlife
Launda Ewell
6027 South 550 East
Pierceton IN
Gray fox, red fox, raccoon, deer

Raymond Helwig
9564 E 600 N
North Webster IN
Red fox

Pamela Hiers
3708 South 900 West
Mentone IN
Red fox, raccoon, deer

Martine’s Deer Farm
Rex Martine
1144 W 700 N
Lake Village IN
Coyote, red fox, elk, deer

Ernie Joe Borkholder
2155 East B Road
Bremen IN
Red fox

Pine Creek Deer Farm
Eddie Ray Borkholder
1459 3rd Road
Bremen IN
Red fox, deer

Marilyn’s Menagerie
Marilyn Burns
6630 North Union City Rd
Denver IN
Red fox, skunk, deer, squirrel, fallow deer, reindeer

Lost River Game Farm
Bob Hudelson
PO Box 32
Orleans IN
Red fox, gray fox, pheasants, quail

John W McCardle
8763 North 625 East
Morristown IN
Red fox, coyote, skunk

Fire Fox
Kim Genovesi
15150 Kelly Rd
Mishawaka IN
Red fox

Tiffani Gustafson
51565 Hollyhock Road
South Bend IN
Red fox

Benjamin Wallace
128 Joe Wheeler St.
Angola IN
Red fox

Wolf Park Inc.
Amanda Shaad
4004 East 800 North
Battle Ground IN
coyote, red fox

Marilyn Bline
7553 S Beck’s Mill Road
Salem IN
Red fox