More fur farms under construction in Wisconsin

The fur farm construction boom has arrived.

Since mink prices have surged the last two years, we’ve seen a corresponding surge of new fur farm addresses made public. With most of these fur farms, it is not clear if they are new operations, or the addresses have just evaded exposure until now. However, the following addresses are fur farms (+1 “feed building”) that are under construction and expected to open in the near future.

The first two addresses appear to be for brand new fur farms. The second of the two, Patrick Fur Farm, is a known fur farm that is apparently opening a second location.

The third address is for a new “feed building,” also being built by a known fur farm (TMR Fur). The location of this new feed building is 9 miles from the existing mink farm. it might be considered unusual to build a feed mixing / storage building 9 miles from the farm it is supposed to supply, creating two possibilities:

  • The farm is opening a new feed company to supply nearby mink farms.
  • TMR Fur is opening a new fur farm on this site as well.

These are the three addresses undergoing construction:

Sinac Mink Farm
N1435 Meridian Dr
Thorp, WI 54771

Patrick Fur Farm
N7097 County Road C
Rib Lake, WI

Feed Building
W4941 County Road N
Waldo, WI 49805
Notes: Location is 9 miles west of the TMR fur farm