Montana Bobcat Farm Confirmed Closed

Cole McPherson’s bobcat farm is reported to be empty.

Montana is notorious for its wildcat farms, which imprison more bobcat and lynx than any state in the country. In addition to the Fraser Fur Farm (the US’s largest lynx farm), at least a dozen other farms in the state are licensed to imprison bobcat and lynx. Very little is known about these farms, and most of their addresses have yet to be exposed.

Coalition Against Fur Farm has received a report about one such farm: The bobcat farm owned by Cole McPherson in Lolo, Montana. The report states that there are no longer animals on the property, and that the farm is believed to be closed.

McPherson still maintains a wildlife holder’s permit with the state of Montana, and it cannot be ruled out that McPherson maintains this permit for a reason – if not for bobcats, then for another species. Please submit at information to whistleblower [at] coalitionagainstfurfarms [dot] com.