Fur Farmers Receive “Security Bulletin” about CAFF

Coalition Against Fur Farms has received a Fur Commission USA “security bulletin” that was sent out to fur farmers, warning them of the re-launching of CAFF – and telling them to contact law enforcement about the information we post.

While we are flattered to be warranting this attention from the fur industry, Michael Whelan (aka Michael James) has clearly not read our mission statement: our intention with the information we post is not for it to be used for illegal activity. However with an industry as twisted and deranged as fur farming, any lifting of the veil of secrecy is perceived as a dangerous threat. We are pleased that we are having an impact, albeit not in the way we intended.

The full text of the security bulletin email is as follows:

“Fur Commission USA
Security Alert – New Farm Postings
June 25th, 2012

Our opponents have been listing fur farm addresses for years, and for the recent past, most farmers have been left alone.  A website (www.coalitionagainstfurfarms.com) has been postings “newly discovered” addresses of fur farms, in addition to other industry
information since the beginning of May.

We believe that the farm information is gathered through business filings, in addition to satellite and on-the-ground reconnaissance (they do not appear to be sure of the operational status of many of the ranches.) Please be aware that no US fur farm is entirely safe from attack, but proper security precautions can “harden the target” and send a would-be attacker elsewhere. We urge all ranchers to check their security and be aware of any suspicious vehicles and/or persons near the property. Remember, Fur Commission USA is available to perform a security assessement on your facility, free of charge.

Please inform your local law enforcement agency of the list at www.finalnail.com and the postings that appear on www.coalitionagainstfurfarms.com

Distributed by
Michael Whelan
Fur Commission USA”