FCUSA Brags About Mink Farmer Pulling Ruse on Local Authorities

The following article is in the new issue of the Fur Farm Letter, a controlled-circulation newsletter for fur farmers that is not intended to be viewed by the public.

In this article, the Fur Commission USA mocks a member of the community of Nicktown, PA, who has an opposition to a neighboring fur farm. In true ignorant, depraved country-mentality fashion, the Fur Commission refers to the neighbor as Ayatollah (a xenophobic reference to the Islamic religion).

This article openly celebrates a ruse the farmer pulled on local authorities: The farmer apparently triumphed over them by citing a document authored by fur farmers which establishes a totally self-serving “standard” that mink farms are to follow. This would be like a marijuana farmer citing Cypress Hill lyrics to the SWAT team that raids his house.

The flippant article reads, in full:

“Certification Saves a Mink Farm in PA

Steve and Doris Kuzar noticed a new neighbor had moved in next door to the ranch. It immediately became apparent that this neighbor, who we will call Ayatollah, did not like a mink farm there and started a campaign of harassment to have it closed down. First she contacted the EPA and the state and complained. After inspectors visited, they determined that the Kuzar’s were complying with all environmental regulations and were following the waste management plan. Not to be deterred, Ayatollah then complained to the county, who agreed with the state’s assessment and commended the Kuzars on their efforts to minimize the impact of their farm on the surrounding areas. Finally the neighbor contacted the township authorities, who after inspecting the ranch, told the Kuzar’s that they would need to enclose their sheds. Steve and Doris knew that the expense of artificial lighting, ventilation and the re-construction of
the sheds would kill them, so they showed the inspectors their Fur Commission Certification award and the FCUSA Standard
Guidelines for the Operations of Mink Farms in the Untied States; specifically the sections that addressed “natural ventilation and
lighting”, “mink sheds are normally open sided” and “closure of sheds should be considered only in extreme conditions”. The
inspectors were unaware of the certification process, were duly impressed, agreed that the Kuzars were doing everything “by the
book”, and withdrew their order, The Kuzar farm was given a clean bill of health.

Another win for the good guys….”

The fur farm at issue here is this one:


109 Mink Farm Lane

Nicktown, PA 15762

Phone: (814) 948-5614

Contact: Steve & Doris Kuzar

Notes: Mink farm.