Dozens of possible fur farm addresses in Kentucky

The following addresses were obtained from public records, indicating dozens of farms (or other type of operation) that imprison foxes, coyotes, and wild cottontail rabbits.


Coalition Against Fur Farms has obtained hundreds of similar addresses from numerous states, each of which may be fur farms, which will be posted in the coming weeks. We will offer the same disclaimer each time:

  • These addresses are uninvestigated.
  • They house animals commonly used for fur, however an investigation is needed to determine the exact purpose of these operations.
  • There are numerous other reasons furbearing animals can be held captive, including being bred for pets, roadside zoos, urine-collection operations for trapping lures, or penning operations to train hunting dogs.
  • Some of these may be facilities which are helping animals. For example, wildlife rehabilitators and sanctuaries can often be required to have the same licenses as fur farms.

Please do your research, and share anything learned with Coalition Against Fur Farms.

Note: Each of these hold a “captive wildlife permit.”

George Hill
831 College Hill Rd
Waco KY
859 260 4488
Coyotes, red fox, grey fox

Ken Tackett
PO Box 201
Teaberry KY
606 587 2650
Red fox, grey fox

Rhonda Ramey
85 Blaine Hill Rd
Blaine KY
606 652 4785
Gray fox, red fox, coyote

Charles Alexander
4668 Caneyville Rd
Caneyville KY
270 286 8657

Ronald Scott
Po Box 395
Martin KY 41649
Red fox, gray fox, raccoon

Allen Hansell
22376 Mt Pleasant Rd
Lawrenceburg IN 47025
Coyote, red fox, gray fox

Dwayne Slone
290 Gibson Branch Rd
Raven KY 41861
Coyote, red fox, gray fox

Norman Wright
2391 Coffees Creek Rd
West Liberty KY 41472
Coyote, red fox

Rosetta Mathis
3003 Jack’s Branch Road
Manchester KY
Rabbit – Eastern Cottontail

Rudolph Combs
1054 Brushy Branch Rd
Manchester KY
Red fox, coyote

Walter Whitehead
Po Box 38
Girdler KY
Red fox, gray fox, coyote

Michael Carver
3136 Gabbards Fork Rd
Manchester KY
Red fox, gray fox, coyote

Henry Clay Sizemore
HC 77 Box 168
Gypsy KY
606 884 2364
Red fox

Christopher Harvey
128 Neice Sawmill Spur
West Liberty KY
Red fox

Mark Risner
Box 366 Wheelrim Rd
Hazel Green KY
606 662 6280
Red fox, gray fox

Freeman Sexton
PO Box 37
Willard KY
606 474 4496
Red fox

Darise Minix
HC 61 Box 154
Salyersville KY
606 349 3821
Red fox, gray fox

Charles Carty
PO Box 272
Frenchburg KY
606 768 2210
Red fox, gray fox, coyote

Perry Ward
4999 Coon Creek Rd
Salyersville KY
Red fox, coyote

Franklin Bradley
920 Conley Fork Rd
Prestonsburg KY
Red fox, gray fox, raccoon

Gordon Lafferty
PO Box 323
105 Thunder Drive
Martin KY
Red fox, gray fox

Steve Hughes
479 Johnson Fork Rd
Martin KY
Red fox, gray fox

Barry Logsdon
6100 Grayson Springs Rd
Clarkson KY
Eastern Cottontail Rabbit

Rhonda Ramey
85 Blaine Hill Rd
Blaine KY
Gray Fox, red fox, coyote, raccoon