Fur Farm Investigation Finds More US Fur Farms Than USDA Reports

Fur Farm Investigation Finds More US Fur Farms Than USDA Reports

The wildlife advocacy group Born Free USA has published an extensive document on fur farming in the US and Canada, particularly the (lack of) state regulations protecting animals. The 50-page report is titled “Cruelty Uncaged”, and can be downloaded here. (large file)

One of the key findings in this report: There are many more fur farms in the US than reported by the USDA. A chart below outlines their findings.

Also included in this extensive report:

*”Dirty Dozen” – the 12 states with the least fur farming regulations, and least protection of animals.

*The myth of “domesticated” animals on fur farms

*Many photos taken inside fur farms.

*This interesting paragraph: “There are 14 bobcat/lynx farms licensed by the Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks as “fur farms”; these animals are raised for various purposes including pets, attractions, urine, trophies, and pelts. One fur farm reported pelting 6 lynx and 130 bobcats in 2008.” This list of bobcat and lynx farms is not public, and CAFF is seeking their source material.

“Cruelty Uncaged” is an important document for anyone interested in monitoring the fur farming industry in the US and Canada.

As mentioned, based on their research Born Free USA believes there are vastly more fur farms in this country than the USDA statistics would reveal. For example, in Minnesota they believe there are more than double the number of fur farms that the USDA reports. CAFF is also looking to obtain this source material.

This chart outlines their findings:

Read the full “Cruelty Uncaged” report here. (large file)