Montana Bobcat and Lynx Farm May Raise Animals for Pets, Not Fur

Coalition Against Fur Farms has received a report about a possible fur farm first reported in The Blueprint 2010 Supplement. The farm was reported as having lynx and bobcats. Both of these animals command more money as pets than they would for their pelts; and most bobcat and lynx farms breed the animals for pets, not fur.

The report states that the animals on the George Lentz farm in Kalispell, Montana appear to be extremely domesticated. The cages are said to be very close to Whitefish Stage Road. There are six bobcat and two lynx held at the farm, and it is believed they are being raised for pets.

The farm in question is:

George Lentz
1920 Whitefish Stage Road
Kalispell, MT 59901
Notes: Bobcat and lynx farm.

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