Astoria, Oregon fur farm may be reopening

In mid-2010, the Ylipelto Fur Farm near Astoria was reported by media reports to be closed. There is evidence the farm may be reopening.

According to the Oregon Secretary of State website, Ylepelto Fur Farm reinstated its business license in 2013, and renewed it’s license in February 2014.

This contradicts claims the farm has closed, as well as satellite images which show that sheds at the property have been dismantled.

A second address is listed on the business license: 40822 Galloway Ln. Astoria, OR.

The conflicting information raises four possibilities:

  1. The farm has not reopened, but plans to in the near future.
  2. The farm has reopened at an unknown location.
  3. The farm has reopened at it’s previous location, and this is not reflected in the most recent satellite images.
  4. Or, the business license is simply a false flag and the family remains out of the fur farming business altogether.

If you have any information on this fur farm, please submit to whistleblower{at}coalitionagainstfurfarms{dot} com.